Representative culture of Japan

Origami is one of the representative cultures of Japan. It is a traditional Japanese play to make animals, plants or living-wares by folding Japanese papers.
Even today in the 21st century, children in a kindergarten in Japan learn how to fold Origami.You can make a beautiful flower or a cute animal from a sheet of paper.
Origami has been close to the hearts of Japanese even up to the 21st century as a handed down traditional culture since a long time ago.
Only a sheet of Origami paper is used for making most things without a pair of scissors or glue. But sometimes two sheets of Origami are used (Ex. a throwing knife) or a pair of scissors are needed to make a cut.For making a shape, it is required to fold it precisely or inserting one end into the space between the folds.
Continuation of folding makes the original size of Origami paper much smaller.

Japanese Origami for you

Japanese Origami is also popular overseas. Would you like to have an Origami creation which has been made by Japanese in Japan? They will please yourself, your child or your close friend as a gift.

A crane is a typical Origami item, but its impression is quite different depending on the Origami papers which are used. Red, blue, white or sometimes Japanese patterned papers are used. You can enjoy the charm of 100% hand-made Origami creations.

100% hand-made.
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The Origami creations we are making are all 100% hand-made. They are our staff’s labour of love. The postage is free of charge, so please don’t hesitate to buy them.

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